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Select content from any webpage to watch for changes. Our browser extensions make this a breeze.

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Connect your favorite service just by setting up a webhook and optionally transforming the data.

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You're all set! Your favorite service will receive new data every time the selected content of the website changes.

How does it work?

Monitor website changes and scrape fresh data

without code

Monitor website changes and send the latest data to IFTTT, Google Sheets, Zapier, Firebase, AWS Lambda and many other services!

Send data from any website to these services

Google Sheets



Microsoft Teams



Microsoft Office



AWS Lambda

Azure Functions

Google Apps Script

and many more !

Frequently asked questions

What is Monitoro?

Monitoro is a cloud service that watches websites for changes. What's unique about it? It scrapes data and sends it to other services every time a change happens.

How is it different from other monitoring software?

While many services offer website change monitoring, they mostly capture text or visual changes. Monitoro is unique in that it scrapes specific data from the page, and sends this piece of data to any other service, not just via email or SMS, but anything that has webhooks. This can then be read by a human, if the update is sent via email, or trigger an automation, such as an automatic purchase when a price reaches a specific amount. Monitoro is thus a perfect companion for your automation workflows.

How often will I receive data?

Monitoro watches websites at the frequency of your chosen plan. A every interval, it will extract data from the website, and compare it with the previously extracted data. If it changes, the new data will be sent to your service of choice.

What data can Monitoro extract when a website changes?

Monitoro can extract anything from a webpage. It can be prominent like the price of a product, the number of reviews, or an image, but it could also be hidden such as SEO tags. If it's present on the page, visible or not, you can access it, as we provide you with the text as well as the raw HTML underlying it.

How many monitors can I run at the same time?

You can have as many monitors running at the same time as your plan allows. Disabled monitors do not count against your plan limit.

What can I use Monitoro for?

Monitoro is useful to extract data periodically from a website and connect it to another application, or custom script. So it's beneficial when there is a website of interest with an information that changes, where you'd like to be informed when that happens, or trigger some sort of automation that uses this extracted information.

Can you help me create a monitor?

Of course! If you have any questions just write us in the chat in the bottom right of Monitoro anywhere you are.

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