How to receive alerts in Discord when a website changes

Have you ever wanted to avoid opening websites to check for updates, and instead receive them directly in the Discord server of your choice?

Doing this used to require either a dedicated bot on Discord, or for the most adventurous to setup your own scraping infrastructure, and spend your evenings on it to ensure it works.

This guide explains how to setup Discord with Monitoro to receive website changes directly in the Discord server and channel of your choice.

Steps overview

  1. Create a webhook in Discord.

  2. Connect Discord to your project in Monitoro using the webhook.

  3. Create your Discord alerts in Monitoro.

  4. Done!

Setup an integration with Discord

To start receiving alerts in a new Discord server, first you need to create a webhook. It's quite simple:

  1. Open your server's settings page.

  2. Click on the "Create webhook" button.

  3. Choose a channel, and setup a name and avatar to display your messages.

  4. Copy the webhook URL.

Create the integration

Now that you have the webhook URL, go to your Services page, create a new Service and select Discord.

Open the services page here.

Paste your webhook URL in the text field below, and click on Connect this service.

Send alerts to Discord

You can send messages and alerts to Discord from any project in Monitoro, by triggering it from an integration rule.

  1. Open the project you want to send alerts from and open an integration rule.

  2. Click on "+ trigger another service" and choose Discord from the list.

  3. Compose your message. You can use monitored data in your message

Just click on Connect and you're done!

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Monitoro is a no-code platform to get web data in realtime, and then send it to Sheets, Slack, and other SAAS tools when it changes.

Designed for users who find regular setups frustrating or confusing, Monitoro’s goal is to make this process painless.

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