How to receive alerts in Slack when a website changes

Have you ever wanted to avoid opening websites to check for updates, and instead receive them directly in the Slack channel of your choice?

Doing this used to require either a dedicated Slack app for the most common websites/web apps, such as Jira, or for the most adventurous to setup your own scraping infrastructure, and spend your evenings on it to ensure it works.

This guide explains how to setup Slack with Monitoro to receive website changes directly in the Slack channel of your choice. This data could be anything from new tweets, price changes, new software releases, new clinical trials, and more.

1. Configure the integration with Slack

Monitoro will connect to your Slack channel using an "Incoming Webhook". It's a special URL that tells Monitoro where to send the data it extracts from the website you're watching.

You can get an Incoming Webhook and setup the Slack channel easily by following the official instructions from Slack up to step 3, where you will get a URL that looks like the following.

Open the official instructions from Slack here.

Once you get this URL, go to and create a new Slack service, pasting the URL when it's required.

2. Create a monitor

Now let's create a monitor to watch the website. Make sure to have the extension installed if you don't have it yet.

  1. Open the website you want to monitor, for example a twitter account or your favorite online shop.

  2. Click on the Monitoro icon in the top right of your browser

  3. In the monitoro app, click "Add selection" to select parts of the webpage you want to extract when they change

  4. Click on "Connect service", and then select "Slack".

  5. Craft the message you want to send. You can use any data you selected from the page by wrapping its name like this {{name}}

  6. Click "Create monitor" and you're done! The monitor will send new data the next time it runs.

Do you have any questions? Hit the chat button in the bottom right and we'll jump in to help :-)