How to scrape data continuously from a website to Airtable

Do you often find yourself copy pasting data from websites to Airtable, and wish you could automate that?

Monitoro makes it easy to automate updating your CRM, your catalog, market research or any base by collecting web data for you every time a website changes, and syncing it to your base in Airtable.

Steps overview

  1. Get your Base ID and Token from Airtable.

  2. Connect Airtable to Monitoro .

  3. Configure your integration (inserting rows, updating ...).

  4. Done!

Configure the integration with Airtable

To get started syncing data with Airtable, go to your Services page, create a new Service and select Airtable.

Open the services page here.

You need to get your token and your base ID from Airtable, and fill them in the inputs above.

  • Get your token here Scroll down to the API section, and then click on the text field and copy its contents.

Sync data to Airtable

You can sync data to Airtable from any project in Monitoro to the base of your choice by triggering it from an integration rule.

Configure the integration then:

  1. Choose one of the three actions we provide.

  2. Type in the name of the table and the view to update.

  3. If the action is Update or Upsert, add some fields to match the row to update (similar to how filters work in Airtable).

  4. Add the fields you want to sync to Airtable.

  5. Save the integration by clicking on "Connect".

This example below uses the Update action, and updates rows in Airtable that contain the page link in column A.

Click on Connect and you're done! Airtable will be updated automatically as Monitoro extracts new data.

To learn more about Monitoro, make sure to check out our blog.

Monitoro is a no-code platform to get web data in realtime, and then send it to Sheets, Slack, and other SAAS tools when it changes.

Designed for users who find regular setups frustrating or confusing, Monitoro’s goal is to make this process painless.

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