Getting started with Monitoro

Welcome to Monitoro!

This article will help you get started and find the most useful resources.

Quick overview

First time setup

  1. Get your invitation to the Alpha.

  2. Once you receive an invite to create an account, follow the link in the invitation email.

  3. Make sure to install the extension so the web app can function properly.

  4. You're ready!

Integration tutorials

Sync data

Send alerts

Trigger automations

Use case tutorials

Help & support

I already have an Alpha account

Feel free to ask your question directly in our Slack community. If you have received an invitation to the Monitoro Alpha, but didn't get one for Slack, please ping and we'll send it to you right away!

I don't have an account but I have a question

You're welcome! Please write us at with any question you might have and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Monitoro is a no-code platform to get web data in realtime, and then send it to Sheets, Slack, and other SAAS tools when it changes.

Designed for users who find regular setups frustrating or confusing, Monitoro’s goal is to make this process painless.

To learn more about Monitoro, make sure to check out our blog.

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